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Hillah Shriners

Medford, OR


Hillah Shriners

Medford, OR


Our Mission Statement

Shriners International is a fraternity based on fun, fellowship and the Masonic principles of brotherly love, truth and relief. 


Throughout history both the Freemasons and Shriners have had a reputation for secrecy, but our mission is straightforward. Shriners are committed to:

*Being the premier fraternal organization for men of good character.

*Providing attractive, quality programs and services for its members, their families and their friends in a spirit of fun, fellowship and social camarderie.

*Fostering self-improvement through leadership, education, the perpetuation of moral values and community involvement.

*Serving mankind through the resources of its philanthropy, Shriners Hospitals for Children®       


Upcoming Events

Come on out to one of our many fun-filled events and get to know who we are and what we do first hand.


Upcoming Events

Come on out to one of our many fun-filled events and get to know who we are and what we do first hand.

One Friday a month we hold our Stated Meetings, generally they take place the first Friday of the month but this is subject to change due to other factors.

Tentative list of upcoming Stated Meetings for 2016:

April 1st (Douglas County)

May 6th (Klamath Falls)

June 10th (Medford)

July and August: No Stated Meeting

September 2nd (Medford)

October 7th (Medford)

November 4th (Medford)

December 2nd (Medford) 

Tentative Schedule of events for 2016 (note: all are subject to change):

April 9th--Pear Blossom

April 24th-25th--Divan Days (Portland Shriners Hospital) 

May 1st--Coos County Donkey Baseball

May 11th--Fort Klamath Night *Nobles Only (Klamath Falls)

May 21st--First Lady's Luncheon *Ladies Only (Grants Pass)

June 8th--Josephine County Official Visit

July 13th--Klamath Falls Steak Fry

August 4th-7th--East/West Game (Baker City)

August 26th (or 27th)--Donkey Baseball

September 24th--Fall Luncheon & Fashion Show (Medford)

September 30th-October 1st- Ceremonial (Grants Pass)

October 15th--Food Caravan

October 19th--Josephine County OV

October 21st--Chetco OV

October 28th--Hillah Halloween Party

November 4th--Chief Rabban's Night

November 11th--Veteran's Day Parade (Roseburg)

November 16th--Coos Bay OV

December 14th--Klamath Falls Christmas Party

December 16th--Coos County Christmas Party

December 17th--Hillah Christmas Party

December 21st--Douglas County Christmas Party



Who we are, what we do, how to join



Who we are, what we do, how to join


History of the Shriners

Shriners International is, at its most basic level, a fraternity.

It all started in Manhattan in 1870 when some members of what’s considered the world’s oldest fraternity – Masonry – were hanging out at their favorite tavern. They felt that Masonry, which traces its roots to stonemasons and craftsmen of the Middle Ages, was a tad too focused on ritual. These guys wanted a fraternity that stressed fun and fellowship.

Two of those gentlemen – Walter M Fleming, M.D., and Billy Florence, an actor – took that idea and ran with it. Florence came up with the idea for a Near Eastern-themed party after attending a party thrown by an Arabian diplomat. Fleming added the structure, drafting the fraternity’s name, initiation rites, rituals and rules. Together, Fleming and Florence designed the fraternity’s emblem, devised a salutation and determined that the red fez with the black tassel would be the group’s official headgear.

The first chapter, Mecca Shriners, met in New York City in 1872. As word got out about the fledgling organization, membership grew rapidly, spreading across the U.S. In the early 1900s, membership spread into Canada, Mexico and Panama. Today there are approximately 340,000 Shriners belonging to 193 chapters in the U.S., Mexico, the Philippines, Puerto Rico and the Republic of Panama.


The Shriner's Creed

Shriners believe in God and that He created man to serve His purposes, among which is service to others in His name.


We believe that care for the less fortunate, especially children who suffer from burns and crippling diseases, is our institutional calling.


We are patriots, each willing to serve his country with fidelity and courage. We cherish independence under law and freedom with responsibility.


We honor family. We respect our parents, wives and children. We should instill in our children the tenets of this creed, and the heritage from which it emanates.


As individuals we pledge ourselves to integrity, virtue and nobility of character. Our intentions will be honorable, our relations will be trustworthy and our spirits forgiving of each other.


As brothers we offer each other fraternal affection and respect. Together we will support each other in adherence to this creed, so that we and our communities will be the better because of our fraternity and its principles.


As Shriners we look beyond ourselves to serve the needs of others, especially children who cannot help themselves. We believe Shriners Hospitals to be the world's greatest philanthropy, and we covenant with each other to support its "temples of mercy" with spirit, time, talent and means.

How To Become A Shriner

If you hold the title of Master Mason in Freemasonry, you qualify and are invited to join the Shriners.

In order to become a Shriner you must ask a current Shriner to support and sponsor your application.

If you are not a Freemason, you must pursue that first. Once you are a Master Mason you will then be eligible to petition to become a Shriner.

There are many benefits to becoming a Shriner.

  • Membership in a well-known fraternal organization recognized for its social and philanthropic activities.
  • Opportunity to develop lasting relationships with like minded men from all over the world
  • Engage in social activities and events that are available for the entire family. Participate in many special interest groups with Shriners that allow like minded men to enjoy a little high-spirited fun. Motorcycles, trap shooting, parades, golf, flying and sports cars are all examples of these types of groups
  • The privilege of supporting the "world’s greatest philanthropy,” Shriners Hospitals for Children®, offers Shriners many opportunities to find personal fulfillment and satisfaction


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